28 Nov 2011

English Pancake

It is cold outside today! I had been thinking that it's been a mild autumn and would be (hopefully) a mild winter but it seems like a proper winter is coming soon....!

I made other miniatures last weekend and I haven't uploaded here yet, so here it is.

English pancake!

Well....I know I should make it in March....but never mind! haha.

I like to spread Nutella on the pancake sometimes! :)

See you x

20 Nov 2011


Hi! I made new miniatures. It's pasta!
Size 1:12

Tomato sauce spagetti

Spaghetti Bolognese

19 Nov 2011

Hello! I'm back!!

Hello there! How are you doing?
I haven't uploded my blog for a long time.... since April!!
Oh my... I am feeling bad :(
I'm wondering that no one is interested in my blog any more. A wwww....

Well, I should explain what has happened to me.

In April, I decided to start a year long course to become a Japanese teacher and I started it in May. The course had textbooks, exams and some essays so those things made me much busier as I have tried to finish it much more quickly.

Of course, I was still planning to make miniatures as my hobby in my free time even so.

In June, I also found out that I am pregnant! What a lovely surprise xxx
Although because of this I suddenly couldn't stand to look at any photos of real food to make miniature models or even think about food!! Even looking at very tiny spots for painting or making shapes by clay was too difficult.

That's why I stopped making miniatures and jewelleries for a while and I concentrated on studying the Japanese course.

Luckily, I am now 27 weeks pregnant and everything is going well. Phew!
My morning sickness has gone and I have finished my Japanese teacher course as well.

So, now I have come back to make miniatures again and also this blog! Yay!

I made some new stuff and took photos yesterday. I will update those later on this blog.

Please come back and have a look them.
See you later!


26 Apr 2011

Udon  うどん

Hi! I hope you had a happy Easter holiday, everybody!

I was given lots of chocolate eggs from family, yum ;)

I've made a few more Japanese food miniatures Japanese food.

This food name is "udon".
Udon are thick white noodles, often used in a basic soup with many different toppings.

I made three different type of udon this time.
The front one is with egg.
Left back is with "kitsune" which is fried thin bean curd.
Right back is with "tenkasu" (crunchy bits of deep fried flour-dough).

All of these toppings are very common in Japan.
The pink and white bits are "kamaboko", they are made from fish paste.


These are 1/12 size for doll's house.
Actual size looks like this to compare to my hand :)

I am selling this miniature at Oriental accessories in Southampton, UK
(Near the West Quay shopping centre.)

19 Apr 2011

Nabe 鍋 

Hello. I made a new miniature a few days ago.
It is a type of Japanese food called "Nabe" (pronounced like "Na-bay") and this food is normally for winter. Haha. I know it is the wrong season now but I am keen to make Japanese food these days.
I made other types of food, for example Udon (thick noodles) and I will post the picture next time.

To make Nabe you put vegetables, fish or meat and soup in the big cooking pan and people share it.
This is wikipedia's explanation. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nabemono

I hope you like this mini x

See you again, soon!


17 Apr 2011

Thank you for following my blog and welcome!

I realized that there are 111 followers of my blog!! Woow!
Thank you very much for everyone and welcome to you who joined recently xx

I hope you will enjoy my miniatures from now on as well.

By the way, this hamster is one of my family member.
His name is Mojo.

He has lived in our house since November 2009.
My husband gave him to me as a birthday present.

He is cute and make us laugh a lot!

1 Apr 2011

A charity event in Winchester on Saturday.

I will attend a charity event for Japan earthquake and tsunami appeal on coming Saturday in Winchesterm UK.

I am going to sell some handmade sushi earrings & washi-paper earrings there and I will donate the money.

The event detail is here...
Japan Tsunami Appeal Cake and Craft Sale

RiS x

13 Mar 2011

Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake (東北地方太平洋沖地震)

This terrible disaster happened in my country, Japan on 11th March 2011.

I am very shocked and saddened by what has happened. I still can't believe it is real.

The earthquake was massive and made an almost 10m high Tsunami. The Tsunami destroyed an entire city...

Please see this link's photo.(I couldn't copy big photos from there so I put the links here.)
Photo from BBC News.

I hope the people who are still waiting for their rescue will be able to move to a safe place soon and to meet their missing family...

Please pray for Japan...

Thank you very much.

Photo from ; distillery.s3.amazonaws.com

12 Feb 2011

A traveler's room - 5

Hi there!
As I said yesterday, my latest miniature project has finished finally!

I will put on the photos here today. I hope you will enjoy looking at them x

Hm, the light was maybe too bright and strong!?
Looks a bit orangey-red.
The actual colour is little bit more natural like the bottom photos!

Look closer at the book shelf.
I put some mail, an ornament and clock etc...

You can open the draw and put something important in it, like a love-letter x 

On the desk.

There is a passport, a boarding pass, a map, a camera and guide books.
Looks all prepared for travel, doesn't it?

This parcel is my favorite item in the project.

There are lots of photos and world maps as it is a traveler's room :)
Of course, you can find a calender on the wall to make a holiday plan!

This photo is about whole room image and quite close to actual colour too.

Well, that's all of the photos about my latest miniature - A traveler's room.
Thank you very much for reading my blog :)

I haven't decided yet what I am going to make as my next miniature project but I will think about it this weekend and start making something!

See you again soon!

11 Feb 2011

A Traveler's room -4

Hello!! How are you doing?
I made new bits for my mini room (A Traveler's room) so I will put those photos up today!

Well, although...before that....
I'd really like to say....

Thank you very much for everyone who is following my blog!!!

There are 90 followers here at the moment! wooow :)
Thank you all !!!!!


Well, then, I will talk about today's miniature :)

My current project - a traveler's room is going to be completed very soon.
Today's minis are the last part of work for it.

I am going to take photo of the whole room images and update here soon x

First of all, I made this...

Small parcels.
It might be a gift from someone in  another country...?

A magnifying glass.

It should be helpful to see the detail of the map!?

It was hard to make the shape... X(

And the Eiffel Tower's ornament.

I always want to go back to Paris again.. so I remember the tower when I think about travelling.

A clock.
I will put this on the book shelf.

Alright, that's everything.

I will add photos of the whole room tomorrow.

Good night :)


31 Jan 2011

A Traveler's room -3

Hello! I've been making this project these days and I made more items for this room (a traveler's room) weekend and today!

I need to go to bed very soon but I will put some of new item's photos here before that!

And, the room looks like this at the moment. There are a lots of pictures and maps etc...
I think this project is quite close to the complete!

See you very soon!

Good night!

28 Jan 2011

A traveler's room -2

My new miniature project is in progress!
I've already made all books I need for this room :) yay!

I also made some maps, passports, photos on the wall etc.
Yesterday, I use my iPod touch to take a photo of this room with Toy camera effect.

Like this ;)

Oops... This photo is a little bit indistinct...

Hm, never mind!

I am into this project a lot now. I am sure I can show you more photos soon x


16 Jan 2011

New project! - A traveler's room

Hello! I haven't written for a long time but I am back!

I also have started a new miniature project recently.
Well, I am making a small room with two book shelves and one desk.

The room's shape is like this.
(Not completed yet.)

This room's concept is "A Traveler's Room".
I am imagining that a person who likes traveling lives in this room.
That's why I am planning to put some maps, photos, books and camera in the space.

At the moment, I am making books for there.

I realized that I need quite a bit of books for it because this room has two book shelves :( oh my!

Well, I am keep making more and more...!
Still not enough :( oh dear....!!
I also made small maps :)

I will make other miniatures for this room from now, for example... camera, coffee cup, photos etc...I am so excited when I imagine about this project!

I hope I can show this very soon!

See you again x


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