19 Apr 2011

Nabe 鍋 

Hello. I made a new miniature a few days ago.
It is a type of Japanese food called "Nabe" (pronounced like "Na-bay") and this food is normally for winter. Haha. I know it is the wrong season now but I am keen to make Japanese food these days.
I made other types of food, for example Udon (thick noodles) and I will post the picture next time.

To make Nabe you put vegetables, fish or meat and soup in the big cooking pan and people share it.
This is wikipedia's explanation. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nabemono

I hope you like this mini x

See you again, soon!



  1. Dear Christine,
    Thank youuu ;)

  2. Your work is original and wonderful!
    Did you make the pottery pot and paint it yourself? It's beautiful!!

  3. Realmente fantastico y muy original esa vajilla.
    Me encanta.
    besitos ascension

  4. Dear Oiseau,
    I am glad you think so! Thank you very much!
    Yes, I made the pottery pot and painted as well ;)

  5. Dear Ascension,
    Thank you very much for visiting my blog often. You are so kind xx
    Glad you like my work!

  6. Dear Maddalena,
    Dank u wel!!


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