26 Apr 2011

Udon  うどん

Hi! I hope you had a happy Easter holiday, everybody!

I was given lots of chocolate eggs from family, yum ;)

I've made a few more Japanese food miniatures Japanese food.

This food name is "udon".
Udon are thick white noodles, often used in a basic soup with many different toppings.

I made three different type of udon this time.
The front one is with egg.
Left back is with "kitsune" which is fried thin bean curd.
Right back is with "tenkasu" (crunchy bits of deep fried flour-dough).

All of these toppings are very common in Japan.
The pink and white bits are "kamaboko", they are made from fish paste.


These are 1/12 size for doll's house.
Actual size looks like this to compare to my hand :)

I am selling this miniature at Oriental accessories in Southampton, UK
(Near the West Quay shopping centre.)

19 Apr 2011

Nabe 鍋 

Hello. I made a new miniature a few days ago.
It is a type of Japanese food called "Nabe" (pronounced like "Na-bay") and this food is normally for winter. Haha. I know it is the wrong season now but I am keen to make Japanese food these days.
I made other types of food, for example Udon (thick noodles) and I will post the picture next time.

To make Nabe you put vegetables, fish or meat and soup in the big cooking pan and people share it.
This is wikipedia's explanation. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nabemono

I hope you like this mini x

See you again, soon!


17 Apr 2011

Thank you for following my blog and welcome!

I realized that there are 111 followers of my blog!! Woow!
Thank you very much for everyone and welcome to you who joined recently xx

I hope you will enjoy my miniatures from now on as well.

By the way, this hamster is one of my family member.
His name is Mojo.

He has lived in our house since November 2009.
My husband gave him to me as a birthday present.

He is cute and make us laugh a lot!

1 Apr 2011

A charity event in Winchester on Saturday.

I will attend a charity event for Japan earthquake and tsunami appeal on coming Saturday in Winchesterm UK.

I am going to sell some handmade sushi earrings & washi-paper earrings there and I will donate the money.

The event detail is here...
Japan Tsunami Appeal Cake and Craft Sale

RiS x

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