5 Feb 2014

Room box has been completed!

I completed to make the room box (miniature room) finally! Yay :)

I made it as simple as possible to use for multiple  situations. I will use this room when I will take photos of my other miniature foods or furniture etc...

Hope you like it. ;)

See you.

- RiS

30 Jan 2014

Room box - door

Hi everyone,
I've kept working on my new miniature project as I mentioned about my new year resolution.
At moment, I'm making a room box. The brick walls which I put a photo on my last post were for it too.
I had been making a door recently. I fitted up the door to the room box today.

24 Jan 2014

My new year's resolution.

Hello everyone!
I haven't written my blog for long time...

My baby became nearly two (so I can't call her baby anymore...!) Awww time flies.
Since she was born in 2012 I have hardly made any miniatures but now the new year has come, I have a new year's resolution.

It is... making miniatures as many as possible!!

Probably it won't be easy with a small child but she sleeps well over night so that should help.

I will try to post about my new project on this blog so please keep checking out here!

I am also writing another blog on ameblo.jp/soyaandfamily/
The language is Japanese (sorry!) but I post blogs more often about what's going on around me, if you guys are interested in it.

I'm working on a new, smaller doll's house (a room)
This photo is from the outside.

This was my very first try at making brickwalls but I enjoyed it.

Hope to see you again here soon!


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