24 Jan 2014

My new year's resolution.

Hello everyone!
I haven't written my blog for long time...

My baby became nearly two (so I can't call her baby anymore...!) Awww time flies.
Since she was born in 2012 I have hardly made any miniatures but now the new year has come, I have a new year's resolution.

It is... making miniatures as many as possible!!

Probably it won't be easy with a small child but she sleeps well over night so that should help.

I will try to post about my new project on this blog so please keep checking out here!

I am also writing another blog on ameblo.jp/soyaandfamily/
The language is Japanese (sorry!) but I post blogs more often about what's going on around me, if you guys are interested in it.

I'm working on a new, smaller doll's house (a room)
This photo is from the outside.

This was my very first try at making brickwalls but I enjoyed it.

Hope to see you again here soon!



  1. Es cierto que un bebé da mucho trabajo,pero es un trabajo muy gratificante!!! Me da gusto ver que de nuevo vuelves a poder hacer miniaturas y ese comienzo de casa,con los ladrillos tan perfectos es un buen comienzo!!!

  2. Hi PILAR6373,
    Thanks for your comment! You are right. It is hard work but rewarding job. Absolutely. Childeren give parents lots of happiness and smiles too.
    I am glad you like my new brick work :)


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