28 Nov 2011

English Pancake

It is cold outside today! I had been thinking that it's been a mild autumn and would be (hopefully) a mild winter but it seems like a proper winter is coming soon....!

I made other miniatures last weekend and I haven't uploaded here yet, so here it is.

English pancake!

Well....I know I should make it in March....but never mind! haha.

I like to spread Nutella on the pancake sometimes! :)

See you x

20 Nov 2011


Hi! I made new miniatures. It's pasta!
Size 1:12

Tomato sauce spagetti

Spaghetti Bolognese

19 Nov 2011

Hello! I'm back!!

Hello there! How are you doing?
I haven't uploded my blog for a long time.... since April!!
Oh my... I am feeling bad :(
I'm wondering that no one is interested in my blog any more. A wwww....

Well, I should explain what has happened to me.

In April, I decided to start a year long course to become a Japanese teacher and I started it in May. The course had textbooks, exams and some essays so those things made me much busier as I have tried to finish it much more quickly.

Of course, I was still planning to make miniatures as my hobby in my free time even so.

In June, I also found out that I am pregnant! What a lovely surprise xxx
Although because of this I suddenly couldn't stand to look at any photos of real food to make miniature models or even think about food!! Even looking at very tiny spots for painting or making shapes by clay was too difficult.

That's why I stopped making miniatures and jewelleries for a while and I concentrated on studying the Japanese course.

Luckily, I am now 27 weeks pregnant and everything is going well. Phew!
My morning sickness has gone and I have finished my Japanese teacher course as well.

So, now I have come back to make miniatures again and also this blog! Yay!

I made some new stuff and took photos yesterday. I will update those later on this blog.

Please come back and have a look them.
See you later!


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