26 Apr 2011

Udon  うどん

Hi! I hope you had a happy Easter holiday, everybody!

I was given lots of chocolate eggs from family, yum ;)

I've made a few more Japanese food miniatures Japanese food.

This food name is "udon".
Udon are thick white noodles, often used in a basic soup with many different toppings.

I made three different type of udon this time.
The front one is with egg.
Left back is with "kitsune" which is fried thin bean curd.
Right back is with "tenkasu" (crunchy bits of deep fried flour-dough).

All of these toppings are very common in Japan.
The pink and white bits are "kamaboko", they are made from fish paste.


These are 1/12 size for doll's house.
Actual size looks like this to compare to my hand :)

I am selling this miniature at Oriental accessories in Southampton, UK
(Near the West Quay shopping centre.)


  1. Your mini bowls of Udon look delicious and so cute! It is also one of my favorite food. Thanks so much for introducing different Japanese food with us! :)


  2. very nice- and they look so yummy! I am really wanting to eat the one with egg :)

  3. Se ve delicioso, tus trabajos serian ideales para una escena Japonesa.
    Ojala te hubiese conocido cuando hice la mia jejeje
    Feliz fin de semana
    besitos ascension

  4. Dear Oiseau,
    wow! do you like udon!? cool!! :)
    I am glad you are enjoying to see Japanese food here x hehe

  5. Dear Kim,
    Yap, the egg one actually taste good :)
    I recommend Tempra Udon as well if you could find it in Japanese Restaurant. It is nice too!

  6. Dear Ascension,
    thank you! I am into making Japanese food mini these days somehow. Probably I think about my country a lot after the earthquake.
    I hope you had good weekend x


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