12 Feb 2011

A traveler's room - 5

Hi there!
As I said yesterday, my latest miniature project has finished finally!

I will put on the photos here today. I hope you will enjoy looking at them x

Hm, the light was maybe too bright and strong!?
Looks a bit orangey-red.
The actual colour is little bit more natural like the bottom photos!

Look closer at the book shelf.
I put some mail, an ornament and clock etc...

You can open the draw and put something important in it, like a love-letter x 

On the desk.

There is a passport, a boarding pass, a map, a camera and guide books.
Looks all prepared for travel, doesn't it?

This parcel is my favorite item in the project.

There are lots of photos and world maps as it is a traveler's room :)
Of course, you can find a calender on the wall to make a holiday plan!

This photo is about whole room image and quite close to actual colour too.

Well, that's all of the photos about my latest miniature - A traveler's room.
Thank you very much for reading my blog :)

I haven't decided yet what I am going to make as my next miniature project but I will think about it this weekend and start making something!

See you again soon!

11 Feb 2011

A Traveler's room -4

Hello!! How are you doing?
I made new bits for my mini room (A Traveler's room) so I will put those photos up today!

Well, although...before that....
I'd really like to say....

Thank you very much for everyone who is following my blog!!!

There are 90 followers here at the moment! wooow :)
Thank you all !!!!!


Well, then, I will talk about today's miniature :)

My current project - a traveler's room is going to be completed very soon.
Today's minis are the last part of work for it.

I am going to take photo of the whole room images and update here soon x

First of all, I made this...

Small parcels.
It might be a gift from someone in  another country...?

A magnifying glass.

It should be helpful to see the detail of the map!?

It was hard to make the shape... X(

And the Eiffel Tower's ornament.

I always want to go back to Paris again.. so I remember the tower when I think about travelling.

A clock.
I will put this on the book shelf.

Alright, that's everything.

I will add photos of the whole room tomorrow.

Good night :)


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