31 Jan 2011

A Traveler's room -3

Hello! I've been making this project these days and I made more items for this room (a traveler's room) weekend and today!

I need to go to bed very soon but I will put some of new item's photos here before that!

And, the room looks like this at the moment. There are a lots of pictures and maps etc...
I think this project is quite close to the complete!

See you very soon!

Good night!

28 Jan 2011

A traveler's room -2

My new miniature project is in progress!
I've already made all books I need for this room :) yay!

I also made some maps, passports, photos on the wall etc.
Yesterday, I use my iPod touch to take a photo of this room with Toy camera effect.

Like this ;)

Oops... This photo is a little bit indistinct...

Hm, never mind!

I am into this project a lot now. I am sure I can show you more photos soon x


16 Jan 2011

New project! - A traveler's room

Hello! I haven't written for a long time but I am back!

I also have started a new miniature project recently.
Well, I am making a small room with two book shelves and one desk.

The room's shape is like this.
(Not completed yet.)

This room's concept is "A Traveler's Room".
I am imagining that a person who likes traveling lives in this room.
That's why I am planning to put some maps, photos, books and camera in the space.

At the moment, I am making books for there.

I realized that I need quite a bit of books for it because this room has two book shelves :( oh my!

Well, I am keep making more and more...!
Still not enough :( oh dear....!!
I also made small maps :)

I will make other miniatures for this room from now, for example... camera, coffee cup, photos etc...I am so excited when I imagine about this project!

I hope I can show this very soon!

See you again x


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