31 Jan 2011

A Traveler's room -3

Hello! I've been making this project these days and I made more items for this room (a traveler's room) weekend and today!

I need to go to bed very soon but I will put some of new item's photos here before that!

And, the room looks like this at the moment. There are a lots of pictures and maps etc...
I think this project is quite close to the complete!

See you very soon!

Good night!


  1. Hi!!! Thank you for stopping by my blog! It's nice to meet you. I love this project so far- how fun! The little foldable map is incredible- and all the books- fantastic!

  2. Kim>
    Hello!! Thank you for visiting blog and your comment ;)
    I am glad you like this project! There are little bit to do more for this room. Hope you will enjoy seeing it!

  3. rosette13>

    Thank you very much :D

  4. Me gustan mucho tus trabajos,tienes un blog muy interesante,ya tienes una seguidora más, te invito a mi blog.Saludos.

  5. malu2>
    Thank you very much. I am glad you are interested in my blog :)
    I've started following your blog too. Your blog looks amazing x Thank you for the invitation!


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