28 Nov 2010

For Christmas Gift??

Hello. Long time no see. How have you been?
I don't know how I spent all my time so far... time flies so much!

I and my husband had a holiday back to Japan and we met all my family and close friends there.
We attended my cousin's wedding which was amazing and unforgettable.

Well, and I came back to normal life now so I have started to make new miniature again!

The happy christmas season is coming soon. I made some christmas jewelleries this time.

This is a christmas wreath necklace.

I made a pair of these and two colour varieties.

I also made matching items! Earrings ;)

A suggestion for christmas gift?

I am planning to make more miniatures for christmas but I realized december is just only 2 days away...!!
I have to work hard... quick! Quick...!

See you agin soon! x


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