17 Dec 2010


Hello! It is very cold today. We haven't had any snow today but it's already very icy outside now.
I really don't want to have snow before Sunday because I will go for Christmas meal on Saturday night so I am worrying that we might not be able to arrive there if we had heavy snow!
(I am very looking forward the Christmas meal! haha)

By the way, I made a new miniature today. It is not 1/12 scale though.
This is a cup cake! Someone who works my next door asked me to make mini cup cake key holder for Christmas present for her friend.

I had no confidence to make nice cupcake because I tried it before as 1/12 and it was completely rubbish!
That's why I was very nervous to accept the offer.


I've finally complete the mission! This is my cupcake! yaaaay.

I hope she will like it... though...

Good night, then x


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