12 May 2012

Being a mother

Since my baby was born, I have been very busy like other mums are. She is now 2 months old.
Being mother is sometimes hard. But, she makes me and husband so happy and smile everyday!!

There is no time to make miniatures yet but I will come back to make my handmade works someday soon (as soon as possible!) so please keep checking my blog ;) Thank you!

I hope my daughter will be interested in miniatures and doll's house when she is little bit older and then I hope we can share this hobby together some day xx


  1. Es una belleza de niña! No te ocupes de miniaturas ahora, la mejor miniatura es ELLA!
    La adoro ;)
    Un abrazo

  2. 可愛いベビーのお誕生

  3. Rosamargarita> Thank you very much for your heart-warming message x

    Rosette_13> お久しぶりです!そして、コメントありがとうございます!

  4. The baby looks so real.... maybe too real! It's cute though.
    a tiny miniature baby sleeping

  5. Enhorabuena por esa preciosa niña, seguro que pronto encontraras tiempo para hacer tus fantasticas minis.
    besitos ascension


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